Does your business rely on one or two social networking sites, such as facebook and twitter, to engage and connect with your online community? If the answer is yes, read on to see why this is very risky business.

There is no doubt social media has unbelievable potential and power. Social media allows you to reach clients, build relationships, direct traffic to your website, market products and services, and above all, compete with your competition on a level playing field.

Notice how I said social media and not Facebook, twitter, foursquare or any of the other thousands of platforms out there?

While certain social networking sites are extremely popular right now, there is no guarantee that the most popular site today, will be the most popular tomorrow, or that they will be around forever.

Remember, there are thousands of social networking platforms and new ones are emerging every day, Google+ for example.

The risk: As an example, let’s say you build your facebook fan base to 5,000 fans. Now, what if a new social networking site takes over in popularity and all of a sudden your fans flock there now? Do you have another way of reaching all your facebook fans… other than on facebook?

The solution: don’t fall in love with a single platform; know your objectives and choose the platforms that will help you achieve the results you want. Make sure each component of your social media strategy reinforce the others, as well as the rest of your marketing strategy.