When looking at your Social Media strategy, it can help to approach it in three phases:

1. Connection
2. Engagement
3. Monetization

In the connection phase you want to build up your social media presence. In this phase the focus is on getting quality fans, followers, connections, etc. Quality being the operative word here, more on this later.

The engagement phase this is where your brand engages with your audience, and visa versa. This is where you generate comments, shares, likes, recommendations, ReTweets, etc.

The monetization phase is where you qualify your fans as leads and/or direct people to spend money with you in the form of a sale.

Most people skip straight to the monetization phase, and wonder why social media is not working for them. Phase one and two are just as important as phase three.

Remember, you don’t ask someone to marry you on the first date… do you?