Motor Mouth Advertising is a leading expert in social media development, management and strategy, based in Brisbane, Australia. Built on experience and a passion to help businesses achieve outstanding results through social media, we have developed an agency with a strong client focus and a versatility to produce unique social media strategies for a wide range of clients.

If your business needs to get a handle on social media marketing and advertising, we’re here to help. We love getting social with social media. It’s fun, it’s full of potential, and it’s undoubtedly the best thing you can do right now to get your business motoring.

We have been helping businesses conquer social media since early 2010, and since then we have worked with many local and global businesses. We have enjoyed helping them grow their business with successful marketing, digital, media and advertising strategies, execution and production.

We’re a fun company with a serious agenda. We don’t just flirt with Facebook and trifle with Twitter. We know social media inside out, and can offer innovative and fresh ideas to help you achieve your business goals using sites like Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

Meet Our Director, Megan Winter

Megan Winter is an ADMA award winning marketer and has extensive experience in the digital marketing and social media space.

She’s also a speaker and travels the globe consulting to businesses who want to get a handle on their social media.

Megan knows how powerful social media can be, and her passion is to help small and medium enterprises (SMEs) achieve big business results through exceptional social media strategies, tuition and management.

Motor Mouth Advertising has sprung to life, fuelled by Megan’s effervescent personality and supercharged enthusiasm to learn new tools and how they can be applied into traditional marketing practices, to help a business grow.

Youthful, vibrant and very switched-on, Megan Winter adores the social media milieu – its unorthodoxy, its creativity, and above all, it’s potential.

Motor Mouth has helped me grow our Facebook audience from scratch. I can’t recommend their services highly enough. They are very professional and a definite asset to our business.

Karl Schwantes

Xennox Diamonds

If social media seems overwhelming, too hard or it’s something you don’t understand, you need to talk to Megan. Not only is she an expert in all things social media, she operates with an extremely high level of professionalism and has a genuine commitment to impact the marketing results of every business she works with.

Simon Bell

National College of Business

Recently we have enjoyed enlisting the help of Motor Mouth Advertising to help grow our family business through the use of structured social media advertising strategies. It did not take long for us to realize that we were to be constantly amazed by the salient creativity and the quick brilliance in their work. This is a company of action and proven results.

Lisa Weeks

Maries Pizza